3 Steps to Managing Your NDIS Plan

29 Sep 2022

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3 Steps to Managing Your NDIS Plan

Navigating the NDIS for the first time can be incredibly daunting. It can sometimes feel like a never-ending list of unfamiliar terms and services that can seem impossible to navigate. We are here to help guide you along your NDIS journey.

So, the initial stage is complete; your NDIS Plan and funding for your support has been approved and you have engaged with a Plan Manager to act as your financial intermediary. What’s next?


Your first step is thinking about what supports and/or therapies are going to benefit and help you to achieve your (or your child’s) plan goals.

You choose which support providers you engage with. You can use registered and non-registered NDIS providers, just remember some categories may not be included in Plan Management.

If you are unsure about where you might start, go back to your NDIS representative, this might be your Early Childhood Early Intervention Coordinator (ECEI) or your Local Area Coordinator (LAC). They are there to guide you through and help with any questions you have.


Contact your chosen therapists, for example, occupational therapist, physiotherapists, speech therapists or support workers who might assist with one-on-one daily support.

Remember, as the plan owner or plan nominee, choice and control are your right. It is up to you as to how many hours and dollars you want to commit to each therapy or support. You should not feel pressured to use a certain amount of funding with any provider.

Once you have agreed on the support and rate with your chosen providers, a service agreement is usually written up and signed. This agreement is between yourself and the provider and you should both agree to what it includes/excludes. 


Now you have your supports set up and in place, you are well on your way to achieving your NDIS goals.

Invoices from your providers can be sent directly through to your Plan Manager to take care of payment for you. If you are with Pathways to Care, email these directly to our accounts inbox (accounts@pathwaystocare.com.au).

If you pay for anything out of pocket, keep your receipts and email them through to your Plan Manager and they can reimburse you.

Plan Managers, unfortunately, can’t directly set up supports for you. But they can answer any questions you might have that relate to:

-purchase of Assistive Technology

-pricing questions

-your current plan balance

-funding categories and what each is used for

The NDIS is an incredibly large scheme and it is easy to feel lost. We aim to help you find your way in the best way possible.

Keep an eye on our upcoming blogs on Assistive Technology and support fees.

Alternatively, contact us and a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.