8 Reasons to include Plan Management in your NDIS Plan

21 Sep 2022

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8 Reasons to include Plan Management in your NDIS Plan

A major consideration when setting up your NDIS plan is how best to manage your funding. You may have a few options to consider when figuring out the best option.

There are three ways you can have your NDIS Plan funding managed:


-NDIS Managed

-Plan Managed

Not sure which to choose? Here are 8 reasons why you might like to opt for having Plan Management.

1. Your options of support are bigger; you can use both registered and non-registered providers.

2. A Plan Manager is on hand to help you keep track of your funds.

3. It takes the stress out of financial reporting.

4. Save yourself time by not having to pay invoices yourself.

5. It’s an NDIS funded support, so you won’t be out of pocket.

6. Ensures a quick turnaround of invoices, keeping your supports on track.

7. You will have a partner to help you with all questions related to planning and managing your funding.

8. You get access to a real-time Participant Portal and Mobile App.

This allows you to:

Approve invoices before we pay providers.

View your plan budget, broken down into categories.

View invoices being processed by our team in real-time.

View and check your claims history against your plan.

Allow multiple people to view your portal - give your Support Coordinator access so they can assist also.

Still Unsure?

Contact us and a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about managing your NDIS plan.