A Guide to NDIS Plan Management

26 Jan 2023

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A Guide to NDIS Plan Management 

Starting your NDIS journey can be overwhelming. Everything can be new, from the language used to the services and providers you might talk about. You might have many questions at the time of your initial planning meeting, or you might think of questions after your meeting, once you have had time to take it all in.

Lots of questions will be asked in your initial planning meeting that you might not have thought about. One that is asked is how you would like to manage your NDIS funds. Don’t worry if you haven’t thought about this. There are three ways your funds can be managed, you could self-manage them, you could have a Plan Management provider Plan Manage them, or you could have them NDIA Managed. Everyone is different so one management style that is right for one person might not be right for the other. Your planner will step you through each management style and what might suit your needs best.

Some questions you might have!

What is Plan Manager?

Plan Managers act as your financial intermediary, they manage your NDIS provider invoices and ensure your funds are being spent the way you planned them to be. They keep records of all invoices they have paid on your behalf and provide you with monthly statements, detailing all invoices that have been paid for the month with your NDIS funds. They also provide more in-depth details of your funding, this is generally done electronically, via a dashboard, allowing you to better understand your budget. They alert you to any chance of overspending your budget and reach out if you are underspending. Your Plan manager is also there to answer any funding questions you might have. 

What does a great Plan Manager do? 

When you have a great Plan Manager you have a great resource on your team. Your Plan Manager potentially has years of NDIS experience and knowledge that you can take advantage of. Reach out to your Plan Manager with all your funding questions, questions on understanding your budget, and how you can potentially use your budget. A great Plan Manager is always available to speak with you, answering your questions in a timely manner and making sure their support is tailored to your needs. 

So, what cost does NDIS Plan Management come at? 

If you think Plan Management might be the right option for you, remember there is no out-of-pocket cost involved, and your funding is not affected in any way. Additional funding is placed into your plan to pay for a Plan Manager. So, there is no need to worry about your important supports and services being affected. 

What if I change my mind about my NDIS funding management? 

Something to keep in mind too is if you choose to go with another management style but down the track change your mind, you can easily change. Reach out to your Local Area Coordinator, Early Childhood representative, or Support Coordinator to request the change.

If you think Plan Management is right for you, click here to speak with our friendly team now!