Are You Really OK?

29 Sep 2022


Are You Really OK?

This year R U OK? day is on Thursday 9th September. It is a reminder that chances are someone you know might be struggling. Your genuine support can make a difference whatever they are facing, big or small.

Sometimes we might not know the signs that someone is in distress, or if we do know them, we simply don’t know what to say. 

Tips and resources

R U OK? has developed free resources to help you encourage everyone in your school, workplace and community to think about who in their world might need to be asked how they’re really going and how to make a moment meaningful by asking “are you OK?”

One such resource is the 'I ask my mob, in my way, R U OK?'. The kit is a free resource containing videos, posters, a conversation guide and more to encourage people to engage and offer support to their family, friends and colleagues who may be struggling with life. For many more resources for Community Groups visit here

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples share a special connection to this country and to each other, through our cultures, communities and shared experiences. Regardless of where we live, or who our mob is, we all go through tough times, times when we don’t feel great about our lives or ourselves. That’s why it’s important to always be looking out for each other. Because we're Stronger Together.” Source R U OK?

Workplace support

Pathways to Care (PTC) will be getting together as a team on the day. Like last year, it will be a zoom session with everyone linking in virtually.

Emma from PTC says “It is so important, especially as another year goes by with all of the team in lockdown, that we connect and check-in.

“As a team and wider community, we need to discuss ways that we can support each other and those around us when the answer might be that they aren’t ok.”

If you or your loved one are feeling overwhelmed or need immediate support you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or the services at R U OK?