Impact for Women Race Day

30 Sep 2022


Impact for Women Race Day

How do you pack more bags? You make it a competition! 

Following on from last week, we wanted to share more details about our day with Impact for Women.

Here, Emma from Pathways To Care shares her round-up of the day’s event of packing ‘bags of love’ for women escaping domestic violence.

“The day was split into two shifts to allow us to spread the team and keep our social distance from each other. It was a lucky dip as to which station each team member ended up at, being spread over different tables packing a mix of things.

“We packed a variety of different bags that ultimately all go into the one big bag of love! Our team complied and wrapped packs that contain makeup, candles and perfume, while other teams were putting together bags of basic toiletry items, that in times of crisis are often not possible to be taken by women fleeing violence. Each packing station we were at, felt as important as the next.

“Our aim was really to pack as many items as possible in the day for the Impact team, hence the races! The more bags we could pack meant more women in need were supported.

“The bags of love not only provide basic items that everyone should have access to but also items that make you smile and go to making sure the women receiving them know that they are loved and valued.”

Be sure to keep an eye out for our blog post giving you all the details you need to know, not only about the valuable things Impact for Women does but also how you can help end violence against women.