Improving Jordan’s Situation - A Diary

30 Sep 2022

Participant Stories

Improving Jordan’s Situation - A Diary

Every day at Pathways to Care we work tirelessly to improve people’s situations in life. Here is a small snippet of our participant Jordan’s progress, penned by his Support Coordinator, Luan. 

For many months Jordan was in crisis, moving from one share house to the next, without a suitable Behavioral Therapist to support him.

For the last two months, with Luan’s help, Jordan secured a motel while his Support Coordinator working on things in the background. Finally, the days began to look better for Jordan:

8th November

Jordan has a better Behavioral Therapist working to help him. He also has his new NDIS funding approved. I have liaised with Arete Care for the past months, and now they have agreed to move him into one of their houses in Melton South this week.

We also managed to get him an $800 double bed through the Salvation Army. They are ordering for him now from Harvey Norman, and they also going to deliver and install for him as well. This will be a new chapter for Jordan.

15th of November

Today we finally have moved Jordan to his new home. I was there to help with the new bed and also handed him his house’s key.

16th of November

Jordan was already getting into his garden. He cleaned it up really well compared to what I saw yesterday. This is so good for his mental health.

Best of luck in your new home Jordan, we will be here to continue to support you as you start your new life.