International Guide Dog Day

03 Oct 2022


International Guide Dog Day

Guide dogs have a very important role in supporting people all around the world with low vision or blindness.

International Guide Dog Day on April 27, 2022, celebrates the dogs who help people live independently and achieve their goals in life.

Specially trained, guide dogs offer their owners opportunities for social interaction as well as safety, love and comfort.

The impressive work of our faithful companions dates back to the 1500s, so whether it is educating yourself, showing support with time or donations, or adopting a dog who doesn’t quite make the grade, it’s important to observe International Guide Dog Day.

The simplest thing you can do to celebrate them is when you see them in the street or park with their owners, ignore them! Around 40 per cent of Guide Dog Handlers across Australia have experienced an increase in distractions. Good ‘petiquette’ is vital as the most common distraction for dog handlers and their dogs are off-lead dogs and uncontrolled dogs. This can make handlers feel anxious and unsafe.

Labradors are the ideal breed for a Guide Dog because of their short coat, gentle temperament, willingness to help, and overall good health.

Here is the ‘top dog’ of Guide dogs:

Meet Poppi : the Australian Dog of the Year!

Client Connect sessions are a great opportunity to make new friends and have a chat with other people who have low vision or blindness. Staying connected with others is extremely important for maintaining good mental health, and this is particularly the case with the impacts of the pandemic.

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