Let’s Celebrate Disability in Sport

29 Sep 2022


Let’s Celebrate Disability in Sport

This week Queensland, Australia was awarded the honour of hosting the 2032 Paralympic Games. We join Paralympics Australia in the hope this will help reinforce and demonstrate what people with a disability can achieve in sport and beyond.

But first, the Summer Paralympics in Tokyo 2020 beginning August 24 2021, provide the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate disability in sport right now.

The Games are a great showcase of how and why people with disabilities should be supported to realise their goals. The athletes have overcome incredible challenges to be among the best athletes in the world competing in Japan. Despite the empty stadiums lacking a supporting audience, we still have a lot to cheer for and be inspired by! Perhaps we need to cheer even louder!

We understand the barriers to exercise are even greater for people with disabilities who may be impaired physically or mentally and require additional support, and then have the added challenge of accessibility to transport and facilities and funding.

But the benefits are huge for those who persist and gain the right supports, not least the connection with the community which has been impacted further still with Covid social restrictions.

At Pathways to Care, we can connect you with social and community participation providers who can help you try a new sport, try dancing, or swimming or take an organised walk with trained disability support staff.

Social and community services are funded under your NDIS plan. Contact one of our team to find out more.

If you want to cheer on your favourite Paralympians, catch coverage free on Channel 7 or follow Paralympics Australia.