Disability Expos Around the Australia in 2024

29 May 2024

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Expos are happening around the country, big and small, all the time! They are a great way to see what services and supports are operating in your local community.

Having so many providers in the same space also allows you to chat with each one and assess who might suit your needs best. It is fair to say large expos might not be everyone’s cup of tea, so attending a smaller expo might be a better option. You have the same opportunity to access information, resources, and providers just like you would at a big one but in a quieter environment.

Expos are also a great resource tool! You have lots of providers to ask all your questions. In many cases, the NDIA will have a booth (at the larger ones). At the smaller ones, you can often find the local NDIS partner.

***We will keep this blog post up to date, adding in new ones as they get announced.***

Below are the major providers of expos around Australia. Click through each one to find more details about the events listed below.

Impact Institute

Developing Australian Communities

Source Kids

Regional Disability Expo

Disability Expo Australia

Disability, Ageing and Lifestyle Expo

Speak Out



23rd & 24th February - Geelong Disability Expo (Impact Institute)


1st & 2nd March - Brisbane Disability Connection Expo (Developing Australian Communities)

2nd & 3rd March - Adelaide Source Kids Disability Expo

2nd March - Hobart Disability Expo (Disability Expo Australia)

6th & 7th March Adelaide ATSA Independent Living Expo

16th- 17th March - Sydney Source Kids Disability Expo

22nd & 23rd March - South West Sydney Disability Expo (Impact Institute)


18th April - Shepparton VIC Disability Expo

19th April - Bundaberg Regional Disability Expo


10th & 11th May - Hunter Disability Expo (Impact Institute)

14th May - Cairns Regional Disability Expo

15th May - Bendigo Be Well Be Connected

17th May - Townsville Regional Disability Expo

22nd May - Mackay Regional Disability Expo

22nd & 23rd May - Sydney ATSA Independent Living Expo

24th May - Capricorn Coast Regional Disability Expo

24th & 25th May - Sydney Disability Connection Expo (Developing Australian Communities)

29th & 30th May - Brisbane ATSA Independent Living Expo


7th & 8th June - Gold Coast Disability Expo (Impact Institute)

12th June - Launceston Disability and Aged Expo (Disability Expo Australia)

15th June - Devonport Disability and Aged Expo (Disability Expo Australia)

22nd June - Mornington Peninsula VIC Disability Expo


5th July - Byron Bay Regional Disability Expo

5th & 6th July - Melbourne Source Kids Disability Expo

13th July - Burnside SA Disability and Inclusion Expo

26th July - South Eastern (Springvale VIC) Disability Expo

31st July & 1st August - Kadina SA Disability, Ageing & Lifestyle Expo


2nd & 3rd August - Sydney Disability Expo (Impact Institute)

3rd & 4th August - Brisbane Source Kids Disability Expo

16th August - Fraser Coast Regional Disability Expo

16th & 17th August - Perth Disability Connection Expo (Developing Australian Communities)


6th & 7th September - Canberra Disability Expo (Impact Institute)

17th September - Darwin Regional Disability Expo

20th September - Mandurah Regional Disability Expo

25th September - Wyndham VIC Disability Connection Expo


1st October - Devonport Disability Expo (Speak Out)

4th October - Toowoomba Regional Disability Expo

11th & 12th October - Adelaide Disability, Ageing & Lifestyle Expo

15th October - Launceston Disability Expo (Speak Out)

17th October - Sunshine Coast Regional Disability Expo

18th & 19th October - Melbourne Disability Connection Expo (Developing Australian Communities)

22nd October - Hobart Disability Expo (Speak Out)

26th October - Langwarrin VIC Disability Expo (Julie Fisher, The Unexpected Journey)

26th & 27th October - Perth Source Kids Disability Expo


1st & 2nd November - Brisbane Disability Expo (Impact Institute)

22nd & 23rd November - Melbourne Disability Expo (Impact Institute)