Feedback & Complaints

Pathways to Care embraces your feedback as one of the most effective ways of enhancing individual outcomes and improving the services provided across the organisation.

If you have a complaint or a concern, or positive feedback about anything to do with Pathways to Care’s services please let us know.

Your feedback can lead to improved supports and services, communication and sometimes changes to polices and the way services are delivered.

A complaint can be about:

  • A decision you are not happy about
  • The services a participant receives
  • Not being treated fairly
  • How Pathways to Care has handled your compliant

Making a complaint can lead to better services for everyone, and can be a way to sort out issues quickly and before they potentially escalate.

Complaints are an opportunity:

  • For Pathways to Care to assess services being provided
  • To improve service provision quality
  • To improve outcomes for participants accessing services

Many complaints can be fixed by speaking directly with the relevant Support Coordinator or Plan Manager. You can make a complaint in person, on the phone or in writing at anytime.

All complaints will be handled in a sensitive and confidential manner and we will try to resolve the issue promptly. Pathways to Care has a Feedback and Complaints Contact Person who can provide further information on this process and will be able to advise on progress with any particular issue that has been raised. There is a Feedback, Compliments and Complaints Form that you can fill in and forward to either the Support Coordinator or Plan Manager concerned or to the Feedback and Complaints Contact Person. Please ring 03 4408 4888 for copies of the Feedback, Compliments and Complaints Form if you require one or to speak with the Feedback and Complaints Person.

When handling complaints, Pathways to Care will:

  • Provide information to you that is helpful, accurate, and easy to understand
  • Be courteous and considerate in our communication with you
  • Promptly refer requests to the appropriate person
  • Respond to requests within a reasonable time
  • Keep you informed of progress or delays

If you make a complaint, you will be contacted by the most appropriate person (depending upon the nature of the complaint) and then receive a letter of acknowledgement within 2 business days. This will detail the steps to be taken to resolve the complaint you have raised if it has not been resolved already

If you are not satisfied with the response, the complaint will be forwarded to the Directors for resolution. We will endeavour to resolve the complaint at the local level but if this is not satisfactory or you feel you are unable to raise it with anyone at Pathways to Care, the below services may be able to assist.

At any time, people can make a complaint about NDIS service providers or the support they provide to the NDIS Commission.

Complaints to the NDIS Commission can be lodged:

Phone: 1800 035 544

Australian Human Rights Commission

Phone: 1300 656 419

Victorian Department of Health and Human Services

Phone: 1300 884 706

Victorian Disability Services Commission

Phone: 1800 677 342 (TTY 1300 726 563)
Skype: call or email to make an appointment first

Commission for Children and Young People Victoria

Phone: 1300 78 29 78

Office of the Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection

Phone: 1300 666 444

Victorian Ombudsman

Phone: (03) 9613 6222 or (rural callers) 1800 806 314
Office of the Public Advocate
Phone: 1300 309 337, (03) 9603 9500
or TTY: (03) 9603 9259

Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission

Phone: 1300 735 135