A guide for NDIS Providers - What to include on invoices

03 Feb 2023

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A guide for NDIS Providers - What to include on invoices

Are you a provider that wants to ensure your NDIS invoices get paid as quickly as possible? Well, this guide is for you!

Follow these steps to ensure your invoices don’t find themselves needing more information from our team and so delaying your payment. It is important to note, that the below is specific to Pathways to Care, however, most Plan Management providers require very similar details.

What to include on your NDIS invoices for quick payment

1. Make it a PDF

Ensure your invoices are sent through as a PDF file. Lots of Plan Management software, including ours, can automatically read PDF files and then input them into the system. This saves someone from entering the invoice manually.

2. “Invoice” in the subject line

Be sure to put the word “invoice” in the subject line! Again, many Plan Management providers use software that automatically pulls invoices out of the inbox they have been sent to and into the Plan Management program. When emails are sent through without the word “invoice” in the subject line they are not automatically entered so need to be manually entered.

3. ABN Number

The business ABN number needs to be included on the invoice.

4. Participant’s Name

The NDIS participant’s name needs to be included on the invoice.

5. NDIS Number (if known)

If the NDIS number is known, include this detail but if it is not, that is fine.

6. Invoice date

The invoice date. This is the date the invoice was created.

7. Invoice Number

The invoice needs a unique invoice number. This helps your provider search and find the invoice quickly if you have any questions about it.

8. Service description and NDIS Support Item Number

A description of services provided needs to be included, and the support item number it falls under (according to the NDIS Support Catalogue).

9. Dates of delivery

The dates that the services were delivered.

10. Total hours

The hours of service provided and the rate that is being charged (which must fall in line with the NDIS Price guide).

11. Total dollar amount

The total amount due for the invoice.

12. Service type code

Include the service type code if you can. Follow the NDIA format below: 

        Non-Face to Face = NF2F

        Travel (Not for Travel Item Codes) Only for travel time claimed = TRAN

        Report Writing = REPW

        Cancellation = CANC

        Telehealth = THLT

        Standard (Face to Face) = STAND

13. Email address

An email address. This allows your Plan Management provider to send remittance notifications to the correct email address.

14. Bank details

The bank details the payment needs to be made into.

Remember to always go back to the NDIS price guide to ensure you are charging the correct price. The price guide does change every year, not all line items, but it is still a good idea to be across changes as they come about.

Lastly, always remember our friendly Pathways to Care team are on hand to answer any of your questions. We believe we have a responsibility to both participants AND their providers. If we can help build provider knowledge, then all participants benefit.

Find our invoice template here!