Financial Management Team Leader
Regional Victoria

After earning my Diploma of Accounting in 2007, a spark was ignited as my passion for budgets and finance began. I completed a Bachelor of commerce in 2018 and moved into the Tax accounting world.

Having been a carer for a family member with a disability, I knew that I wanted to utilize my skills in an industry that aligned with my core values, including ensuring that people with disabilities are given a voice and supported to create the life that they want.

I was given the opportunity to do this in 2020 when I began working in Plan management for Pathways to Care. I fell in love with helping participants to utilize their budgets to finance the supports that met their unique needs and gaining a deep understanding of the NDIS rules and regulations.

My Current role allows me to work with providers, support coordinators and participants in a new way.

Having a tax background has given me an edge within my role as I have experience working within strict legislation and comprehending complicated government requirements.