Community Engagement Manager

Tahlya moved to Melbourne in 2016, working in youth disability as part of a shared care model, before joining Pathways to Care in 2019 as a Support Coordinator. Her role as a Support Coordinator came with many challenges but also so many great outcomes. Being able to support participants, and build their capacity, knowledge and confidence was really fulfilling for Tahlya.

In the last two years, Tahlya has moved into a community engagement role for the business. Her work connecting and engaging with local communities, organisations and individuals is vital to spreading the word about the NDIS and how it can assist those with disability and their families. If you know Tahlya, you know she is always up for a chat! Her ability to talk to everyone and anyone makes her the perfect person to spread the word.

Being able to draw on her Support Coordination knowledge when she is out in the community allows her to help immediately. Sometimes just getting a better understanding of the system can empower one community or organisation member. This knowledge then empowers those around them, allowing them to maybe better support people or change a process for the better, to work in harmony with the scheme, not against it. We know that the success of the scheme rests heavily on having quality providers and a community and participant base empowered with knowledge.

I believe in what we do at Pathways to Care and know that our team can support participants through both good and challenging times.