A Taste of Harmony Day - Vietnam

03 Oct 2022


A Taste of Harmony Day - Vietnam

We recently enjoyed an event at Pathways to Care to help workers to share their cultural backgrounds within the workplace setting. Our Team Leader and Support Coordinator in Melbourne West, Luan grew up in Vietnam and shared a Taste of Harmony dish designed to be able to have any time with anyone! It’s called “Go?i Cuô?n Tôm Thi?t” or “Rice paper Roll with Meat and Prawn”.

The key ingredients are Prawn, Pork Belly, fresh vermicelli, Rice paper, a mixture of fresh Asian herbs, and mixed fish sauce.

Growing up in Vietnam this dish is just part of our normal life. On a hot day, this is the bomb… ????

All ingredients are freshly prepared and put on the table. Each person would get a rice paper roll and roll themselves. The most important is the fish sauce or sometimes we made peanut and oyster sauce to replace fish sauce. With this dish, you just need to learn how to roll it or ask someone to do it for you, but it is more fun to roll it yourself.

Foods and drinks are the two best things that bring people together no matter who you are or where you’re from.

I love sharing foods because it not only brings people together but also ideas and important decision making either for business or our family.

Find out more about Taste of Harmony Day falling between the 14th - 25th March, 2022. A Taste of Harmony is an opportunity to celebrate your workplace’s cultural diversity.