Book Reviews

30 Sep 2022


Book reviews

As part of our book review series from the Pathways to Care family, here are two book recommendations. 

Tell me I’m here, by Anne Deveson

Writer, broadcaster, filmmaker and founder of the National Schizophrenia Australia Organization, Anne Deveson writes her own deeply personal story of her teenage son's experience of schizophrenia and a mother's realization of her child's insanity. The book won Australia's 1991 Human Rights Nonfiction Award.

“I read this book many years ago but it is a book which stayed with me since. It‘s the true story of Anne’s son and his struggles with schizophrenia. ‘Tell Me I’m Here’ was my first sojourn into the world of Mental Health and gave me my first taste of what living with a mental health condition could be like….for the person themselves and their family and friends. This book was warm, emotional and honest. It made me understand that every person on this planet has their own issues and problems that nobody else can truly understand.”

Tracey, Victorian Team Leader/Support Coordinator.

Dibs in Search of Self, by Virginia M. Axeline

“This book was my required reading for year 12 Psychology and I have read it a read few times since. It is an inspirational story that left a profound impact on me and in some ways directed me to my career in disability.

The story revolves around Dibs, a little boy aged five who cannot be reached. Dib’s teachers and family believe he has a severe cognitive disorder and does not believe Dibs can be helped. Virginia a Psychologist is his last hope.

Virginia reaches Dibs through weekly play therapy over the year she spends with him. She believes in Dibs and allows him to express himself through play therapy without judgement. Gradually Dibs develops trust, begins to open up and makes huge strides in his ability to express emotions, cope with his feelings and interact socially with his peers and family. Virginia’s interventions also help Dib’s mother to open up, become happier and become more accepting of one another.

The book is engaging and a very easy read, the ending is uplifting. This book will make you smile and cry.”

Di, Specialist Support Coordinator.