Robert volunteers at Alexandra Speedway

29 Sep 2022

Participant Stories

Robert volunteers at Alexandra Speedway

National Volunteer Week this week celebrates Australia’s almost 6 million volunteers who each year, dedicate over 600 million hours to help others. In light of this, Pathways to Care is celebrating and thanking our participants and team members who give their valuable time to organisations.

For our participants, volunteering can build valuable interpersonal skills and confidence, and open doors to places in the community they may not otherwise be able to experience.  


In Rob’s case, his first day of volunteering began helping on the entry gates at Alexandra Speedway. An exciting day, as the speedway reminded him of his younger days with his Dad. 

Robert loved seeing all the cars coming into the races and walking in the pits, viewing all the cars and meeting the drivers. He also got permission to walk on the actual race track before the race.

Robert was given the task of selling Raffle tickets. With his Support Worker Sarah’s assistance, he walked the entire crowd and pit crew section of the races.

“Robert got more confidence as we went, asking people and taking money and giving correct change for the raffle tickets,” said Sarah.

“All the people Robert interacted with while selling tickets took to Robert very well, and he made a new record with the number of tickets he had sold!

“Robert then counted all of the money collected and separated the raffle tickets. A total of $895 which he was very proud of. Robert's name was mentioned over the speaker system to the crowd which made him feel very important.”


Robert also filled the Piñatas with lollies for the kids as a half-time activity.

A highlight for Robert was getting to meet many of the officials from Alexandra Speedway and also Speedway Australia. He was gifted a Speedway Australia hat by a new friend. Robert will be made his own entry tag with his insurance covered and paid for by Speedway Australia.

Robert was very happy all day and really enjoyed his time at the Speedway and helping behind the scenes.

If you would like to find out more about how the Pathways to Care team can support participants in volunteering in the community, please contact us, we are happy to help.

It’s National Volunteering week from Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd of May. Explore volunteer opportunities by visiting