Sharing Your NDIS Plan On The Myplace Portal

24 May 2023

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Sharing Your NDIS Plan On The Myplace Portal 

You might have noticed, that you can share your NDIS plan with different providers through your myplace portal. The providers you can share this with will be those with whom you have service agreements and bookings. If you are plan managed, sharing your plan with your Plan Manager can be so beneficial for a few reasons. 

By being able to view your plan, your Plan Manager is better equipped to support you in achieving your goals.

• Visibility allows your Plan Management team to better answer your budgeting questions, so you get guidance that is unique to your situation. The more information we have the better our suggestions and advice!

• Visibility allows your Plan Management team to ensure your providers are charging from the correct section of your plan, making sure your budgets last the length of your plan.

• Sharing your plan saves you time. We know how busy life can be, and by being able to support you quickly, and give you an answer on the stop, the quicker you can get back to the important things.

• Visibility allows your Plan Management team to see any updates made to your plan or any scheduled plan reassessments (reviews), scheduled or unscheduled. This allows them to make adjustments on their end quickly, meaning there are no potential delays in payment to your supports.

Follow these simple steps, to share your plan with your Plan Manager.

1. Log into your MyGov account

2. Navigate to the myplace portal through “your services” by selecting “National Disability Insurance Scheme”

3. Click on “My Plan”

4. Click “View My Plan”

5. Select “Review or change who can see the plan” at the top of the page

6. Select “Share My Plan” from the top of the page

7. Tick the box next to the provider you wish to share with (select your Plan Management provider)

8. Provide a reason for sharing your plan. Eg. Sharing my plan with my Plan Manager

9. Click “Submit”

At any point, you can go in and untick providers you have shared your plan with, following the exact same steps as above.
Get in touch if you need help sharing your plan, our friendly team is only a phone call away. Reach us on 1300 467 284 or email us on